Blog Marketing

Facebook posts and Twitter tweets need “More Info” landing pages.

Some thoughts and ideas are too big to fit in the limited space Facebook and Twitter gives you.  You can post and tweet your attention grabbing headline and then link your prospect to the full and complete story on your blog.

Branding is Important

Your Blog's Look & Feel should match your main Website's Look & Feel

"Brand Recognition"

It's important to brand your business in all your marketing efforts as often as possible.

More Consistency

Your Blog's navigation menu should be the same as your main site's navigation menu.

Seamless Blending

Consistency makes it easier for your customers to habitually know how to get around your
Blog or Website.

Industry Expert Status

Most of your competitors do not have a Blog, let alone one that mirrors their flagship Website.

The Comfort Factor

Keep your online presense consistent to project profession-
alism and familiarity which creates comfort.

Brand, Brand, Brand

A new Blog can be designed to match an old Website design.  Always promote your brand.

Consistency = Recognition

"Brand Recognition" requires recognition and that's hard to do if your branding is inconsistent.

The PMGroup designed my business real estate website.  They did an amazing job!  Cheryl delivered an amazing product that was customized to meet my needs, as I saw them.  She made great suggestions and comments that aided in the look and feel of my site, which was well received by my clients.  Even after the site was completed she and her team were there for whatever problems or new needs were presented, all in a very timely manner her team exceeded my expectations.

If you are looking for a good company that understands how a web site should look and feel as well as come in on budget and on time then you should hire the PMGroup as their customer service is superior, along with their product.  Be assured that her follow-up, creative marketing ideas, professionalism, communication skills along with her hardworking commitment to efficiently accomplish even large complex tasks will be a tough act to follow, by her competitors.  A proven choice for your web site development!

Ray D
RE/MAX Eastside

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Today, to succeed on the Internet you must have more than just a basic Website.

Why do you think there are millions of search results when you perform a search in your business category?

It's because there are millions of Websites out there.

You need to establish an Internet presence.  PMGroup is a full-service Internet presence provider and if you or your team don't have the knowledge, expertice or desire to do it yourself, we can do it for you.

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