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Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet. Brand your business presence on Facebook because most of your competition hasn't.

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Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the 2nd biggest social network on the planet.

Even fewer of your competitors have a branded business presence on Twitter.

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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is largest "business professional" network on the planet.

While blatantly talking about business on Facbook or Twitter is somewhat frowned upon, talking business is expected on LinkedIn.

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When it comes to marketing, social media is not an end in itself but it is a means to an end, increasing engagement and your business’s bottom line.  Today social media is an essential marketing strategy that has the potential of sky rocketing your website's visibility across multiple platforms.  The added online exposure your business will achieve through consistent and effective social media networking on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will help you reach you target market, and supercharge the success of your business.
By now you know that social media is mission critical when it comes to marketing your business, and getting you in front of millions of potential clients, but if you're like most people you don't know what to do, let alone have the time to do it.  PMGroup helps businesses like yours take advantage of the marketing power of social media, using tools like blogs and premium content to connect with their clients and potential clients, drive traffic, build brand awareness and boost sales.
Our social media services include setting up and/or managing your social media platforms, getting conversations started with your target market with our premium content service, creating a "buzz" and keeping your audience engaged, and turning them into long term customers. In addition, we’ll work with you to revamp your website for the social media age, optimizing it for social and SEO ranking, and creating a visually rich appeal that will deliver real world results for your business.

I had the pleasure of working with PMGroup for my company blog.  I was more than impressed with their professionalism, expertise and quality of work.  I don’t know anything about blogs and other social media but hiring PMGroup I didn’t need to know.  The service team was extremely accessible to any and all of my questions; they would communicate new ideas that could help bring more attention to my blog and did an AWESOME job designing on my blog site.  Through email and phone calls they were able to get my companies vision and bring it to life on line.  I definitely will work with them again and I highly recommend PMGroup.

Thank you PMGroup for making this experience so stress free!



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Today, to succeed on the Internet you must have more than just a basic Website.

Why do you think there are millions of search results when you perform a search in your business category?

It's because there are millions of Websites out there.

You need to establish an Internet presence.  PMGroup is a full-service Internet presence provider and if you or your team don't have the knowledge, expertice or desire to do it yourself, we can do it for you.

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