Splash Page Design

(also known as Landing page, Intro page or Portal page)

WOW Factor

WOW your visitors and make it easy for them to buy what you are selling.

Whether you're selling a product, service or just offering advice, a professionally designed Splash page gives your website the WOW factor your want them to experience.

Visual Appeal

People are visual beings and the first impression your Website gives them can set the tone for the rest of their visit.

Introduce the business end of your Website with a visually appealing Splash page.

"Welcome" + Easy

Although you can have a single "Welcome" button or link on your Splash page, adding a navigation menu can be useful for your visitors.

The idea is to get your visitors to where they want to be fast and feel good on the way there.

Elegant Navigation

NOTE: If your Splash page is also your Home page, be sure to include links directly to the areas of your site that your visitors want to be or most likely would be interested in.  A single "Welcome" button on your Home page is not very welcoming if site visitors end up there over and over again.

Splash + Squeeze

Your Splash page can also be a Squeeze page.

As a matter of fact a properly designed Squeeze page is a Splash page by definition.  Squeeze pages are used to capture your visitors' contact information.    More Info

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