Squeeze Page Design

Squeeze page: a form of a Splash or landing page.
It's specifically designed to do one thing.
Capture your qualified visitors' contact information.

Obviously that is a very expensive proposition and not realistic for most of us.  The truth of the matter is -- there is NO accurate way to grab the contact information of everyone that visits your Website.

Consider this...

With all the different ways for someone to visit your Website, it's virtually impossible to accurately get the identity of the person visiting without their consent.

Yes, we can tell which computer visited your Website (and even how often) but there is no way of knowing exactly who is on the other side of the screen.  If it's a public or work computer, or someone borrowing someone else's computer, or for a variety of other reasons, you just can't tell who's who.

Even if you could secretly grab a persons contact information, what are you going to do with it?  Spam them?  If they didn't request the information, you are sending them unsolicited email.  That's the definition of spam!

Send the message to the wrong person and it's definitely spam!  That's the biggest reason why you don't want to secretly snag someone's contact information and start sending them messages out of the blue.

Okay let's say you did get the right person.  A message from you could actually freak a person out because of that big-brother aspect.  I don't know anybody that likes to be spied on.  Do you?

This is where your Squeeze page comes to the rescue.

First let me explain what a Squeeze page is.  In one sentence....

A Squeeze page forces visitors to give you their contact information or leave.

That's it.  You simply leave them no other option, except maybe to visit your Home page.  A Squeeze page is laser-focused on getting their contact info.  There is nothing else to distract them.

BTW - When I say "forces your visitor", I really mean compels.  The same way the $1000 offer is a compelling force that makes a visitor want to give you their contact info.

But what do you offer someone instead of $1000?  How about something that's worth $1000 or something else that's just as compelling depending on your industry?

"Like what?" you might ask.

The simple answer is, your expertise.  Write up a little report or checklist that would be considered valuable to your average customer.  If you're not an expert, rewrite the advice of someone that is.  Offer a summary regarding the advice of multiple experts.  It's the "Best of the Best Report".

Top 10 lists are an easy way to offer something that can make or save someone money, time or effort.  You could offer lists in your area of expertise about the...

  • Top 10 Things To Do to get "blank"
  • Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid
  • Top 10 Ways to Get The Best Deal
  • Top 10 Tips For Buying (or Selling) Your "blank"
  • Top 10 Ways to "blank"
  • Top 10 Time Savers
  • Top 10 Money Makers
  • Top 10 Most Important Things You Should Know About "blank"
  • If you are a business that offer samples, coupons or whatever, continue to do whatever is working but in addition, turn it into a Squeeze page incentive.

    The point is, give your visitor something they want in return for their contact information.  Normally just their name and email address.  You're not asking for much and they understand you need the information to deliver whatever it is they want.  And what this really means is, the email address has to be correct.

    And that's the beauty of a Squeeze page.  Short, Simple & Accurate!!!

    Let me show you some examples of professionally designed Squeeze pages:

    Get a Squeeze Page and
    Start Collecting Contact Information From
    Highly Qualified Visitors.

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